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Warm, Wet and Willing

Warm, Wet and Willing II by Fay Ulrica _ ORKED MAG

Why did we sleep for so long?

Wrapped in crisp white sheets, your eyes on me as you offer me a drag of your last cigarette. Instead, I inhale you, a breath of fresh air filling my lungs. We end up talking for another hour or so, your attention never divided to anything else and that feels like endless days when it’s daytime and endless nights when it is night. You traveled to the lightness with me, and space is no dark, empty and passive container. And because of this and so much more, I want to never say goodbye to you. I want it all, I am breathless.

But why did we sleep for so long?

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ORKED MAG is an independently run online zine based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. We’re a collective of young Sabahans with big dreams to inspire and empower our community through literature, visual and performance arts. New themed writings, illustrations, mixtapes, and interviews are published every other day of the week.

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