Adventura, Poetry
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This is Not a Daydream

This is Not a Daydream by Liana Azwa | ORKED MAG

Illustration by Liana Azwa


Sink your teeth into my neck,
tell me this isn’t a figment of my daydream.

I want your scent to linger in my neurons.
Wake my synapses up.

Shake my nervous system,
remind them why they were named that way.

I want my spine to stiffen
and my feet cramped,
like when I touch the bottom of a pool with my toe.

I want my muscles to shudder
and endorphins to run wild,
run wilder than a raging teenage hormone.

I want my vocal chords to twitch
when my knees quiver.
Shock me, blow my brains out.

When it’s over,
listen to my heartbeat
sedate to the pace of your pant.

Don’t you just love
the rippling effect of a bite?

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