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Borneon Run 2k16: After Party

Borneon Run 2k16: After Party

Bright lights and loud music make me wet, how about you?

Jokes. But for real though, I have never not enjoyed an oversaturation of the senses. I live in opposite extremes and nothing else in between. If the bass isn’t loud and deep enough to make my heart feel like it’s about to drop out of my ass, don’t even bother me with it. And my oldest friends all know that the best gift I’ve ever gotten, one of my prized possessions, is a miniature rotating disco ball that has brought me nothing but happiness—almost to a shameful extent—in the last five years that I’ve had it.
So when I got the chance to go to the Borneon Run after party, I didn’t really care what the line-up was like and in all honesty, finding out wouldn’t have done much good either. I was completely oblivious as to who all these people were anyway. But I was a fan of (almost) all of them by the end of the night.
SonaOne was the first to hit the stage in all his platinum-haired glory, and he very quickly turned out to be my favourite of the night. Two seconds into his set and I realized, “Holy shit. I know this song,” followed by, “What. I know this too,” and along it went throughout his set, realizing that I’ve been jamming out to his songs on the radio every day for the past—I don’t even know how long it’s been, but it’s been awhile. Songs like “Apa Khabar” and “Havoc” are very much a part of the Malaysian cultural mainstream and I don’t know how I’ve gone all this time without ever grasping the name, SonaOne. Maybe it has something to do with SonaOne sounding more like the name of a cell phone plan than an artist, but I digress. All in all, he was very engaging to watch, though no amount of charisma in the world can make up for those denim overalls. The blonde hair I could still take—rappers usually get extra slack for their fashion choices—but not combined with the denim overalls.


The follow-up to SonaOne was Korean girl group, Hellovenus, my obliviousness to which is completely sound, at least in my opinion. I have very few fucks to give when it comes to girl groups and even less so to K-pop so they made very little of an impression on me, but not for lack of talent. I constantly found myself in awe, thinking, “How are their moves so in unison?”, “How are they still smiling?” and even more in awe of the variation of perverse calls and screams that were coming from the sweaty, barely teenaged boys behind me in the runners’ section of the audience. I was a lot more compelled by what was happening behind me than in front, and that probably had its part to play in how insignificant Hellovenus was to my night. Also throughout their set, there were easily observed higher levels of enthusiasm coming from people who had dicks as opposed to those who didn’t and I, unfortunately, am a part of the latter group.

Borneon Run Hello Venus.GIF

But as wild as those dicks went for Hellovenus, they went even wilder for DJ Soda. No matter the time, the place or the occasion; you can always bet that dudes are going to flip over a chick DJ. I’ve often pondered on the why of it all and I’d like to think that the male psyche is subconsciously more attracted to the vibrant and creative energy that comes with being a successful DJ but let’s be real. It’s boobs. Guys like boobs, guys like ass, guys like paying for boobs and ass. At least, that’s the only justification that can be made for the ones that I’ve heard say, “Yeah, she really sucks,” only to pay 100 bucks for club entrance to see some Russian chick jump and gyrate while some poor dude beside her actually mans the deck, trying to stay out of her way.

DJ Soda

That wasn’t the case for DJ Soda, however. Not only was she completely in control of her own set, I also give her massive credit for being able to maintain a light, fun atmosphere during her set while also convincingly appearing to be having fun onstage. Whether genuine or otherwise—I can’t say for sure—the high energy levels did much for my overall enjoyment of her set.

Finally, the one name from the line-up that I actually recognized—albeit vaguely; Taboo from Black Eyed Peas. My main takeaway from his set was, “Damn. Taboo has so much stamina.” He was moving up and down the stage for almost the entire set, even going into sets of slightly-more-complex jumping jacks at one point, though admittedly that was probably more for the sake of variation than anything else. In any case, he has strong presence and that was what kept my attention throughout his set. It was what kept his mediocre setlist from coming off just as such, and also what got everyone singing along to old Black Eyed Peas favourites and dancing shamelessly to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”. Okay fine, the shameless Bieber dancing only applied to me ‘cause holy shit, do I love that song.
Borneon Run Taboo.GIF

In the end, my favourite act of the night was whoever was responsible for the background visuals. Yo dude, whoever you are, you made my night. The designers really captured the essence of each performer, in particular SonaOne and DJ Soda, and lifted the atmosphere of the after party to a whole other level. That, combined with the stellar lighting and sound set-up, made the after party one worth going to.

It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.

That Oscar Wilde quote was what kept replaying in my head the entire night. It didn’t matter to anyone in the audience that the music wasn’t anything special. Or maybe it did. Any which way, I couldn’t hear any naysayers over the shouts and cries of the rest of the crowd. Instead, people were more compelled by the energy and charm presented by the performers. It’s why I can still jam out to Justin Bieber and One Direction without shame. It’s not because of their musical prowess but their presentation. Much of life is like that (whoa, damn, slow down Ems, escalate less quickly please). Value is rarely measured by how good something is, just like how people are rarely measured by good behaviour or morality. Instead, people are measured by how they present themselves and their social acceptability is based less on kindness and good intentions, and more on whether their personality and charisma  is enough to compensate for their less appealing traits.

After all, it’s thoughtless fantasies and shallow ideas that make for the best wet dreams.

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