Adventura, Poetry
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You wake up in thorns
but go to bed knowing
you have everyone

Never questions to be answered
or sentiments explained.

You just have to
keep that interest

keep those secrets
beneath your sheets.

It loses sparkle in the daylight,
wait ‘till before you go to sleep.

You’ll wake up
covered in scratches
with last night’s roses
now leftover thorns,

but don’t worry,
it’s okay,

no one ever notices

They may see
the blood and scratches
and the secrets pouring out,

but they’ll never smell the roses,
they’ll never figure you out.

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Hi, I’m Emily and I like to think of myself as a kaleidoscope, but one that ranges from a spectrum of commitment issues to emotional hoarding, all circling around varying shades of anxiety. People say I have trouble ‘staying present’ and I’ve found that daydreaming becomes significantly less acceptable in your 20’s.

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