Adventura, Poetry
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I wonder if it would have been different
had I known better, would I still be
here spinning circles with you?

Not that I mind – not that I’ve ever
wanted to be anywhere but with you,
never wanted anywhere but you.

And I’ve tried running in every direction,
looking for true north in a different place,
a different body, a different someone
that wasn’t you – but I couldn’t,
I couldn’t find a different center,
a different home in a different embrace;
I couldn’t find another boy quite like
the one I was trying so hard
to replace.

Because that’s all it was in the end,

a boy,

that’s all it ever was about.

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Hi, I’m Emily and I like to think of myself as a kaleidoscope, but one that ranges from a spectrum of commitment issues to emotional hoarding, all circling around varying shades of anxiety. People say I have trouble ‘staying present’ and I’ve found that daydreaming becomes significantly less acceptable in your 20’s.

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