Adventura, Poetry
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I Thought It Was Over

…but I should have known better
than to think I could so easily forget
what used to all consume me.

Used to.

Even my pen runs dry from the lie
between those words.

It reads of a past still rooted
in the present but I’m not sure
that I really know the difference.


does one ever really change or
do we just keep finding new ways
to stay stuck in the same loops?

What I’m asking is,

is it just me or does this all
just feel like too much?

What (I think) I’m really asking is,

am I the only one here that’s lost control?

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Hi, I’m Emily and I like to think of myself as a kaleidoscope, but one that ranges from a spectrum of commitment issues to emotional hoarding, all circling around varying shades of anxiety. People say I have trouble ‘staying present’ and I’ve found that daydreaming becomes significantly less acceptable in your 20’s.

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