Hey! We know a lot of you are writers/artists yourselves, and we’re stoked to be launching our year-long call for submission, featuring writing prompts to help you with your own writing. Here’s what we’d love to see from you;

  • POETRY PARTY: Each month, we publish a collection of sad/happy poetry written by you.
  • INSTAGRAM: We’re always on the lurk for creative works, so flaunt your artwork and photography! Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #heyORKEDMAG and we might regram it and feature you as one of our monthly Instagram Crushes!
  • TEN WORD STORIES: Twitterature is fairly self-explanatory. We’re obsessed with 140/280-character stories and even more so if it incorporates elements of mystery and endearing quirks. Tweet us your Ten Word Stories with the hashtags #heyORKEDMAG and #tenwordstory, and we might feature it in our monthly Twitterature Roundup.
  • FLASH FICTION: Write a short short story, journal entry or a photo caption inspired by the month’s flash fiction prompt in 200-words or less. How you interpret the writing prompt is entirely up to you―it could be an eccentric piece about fleeting youth, the sound of your mother’s voice on the phone, the way the sun sets and illuminates the buildings in your hometown, death or otherworldly constructed reality. Your writing should include a character, conflict, and resolution.
  • BOOK REVIEW: Your review should be thoughtful, edgy, analytical, and engage with the subject. We’re not into overly positive reviews nor do we enjoy reading witheringly scornful reviews. We love book reviews that invoke conversation, discussion, and critical engagements. Submit your book review here.


General submission guidelines:

Please email us an unpublished piece–work that has never been posted to a blog, social media, magazines, anthology, book, etc.– and include your name, age, and if you like, your pronouns, with the subject line specified for each post. Don’t forget to accompany your submission with an introduction about yourself and of your write-up/artwork. We are mostly looking for submissions from young Borneans, but we are also happy to consider work by other nationalities.

  • We accept written pieces in both Bahasa and English.
  • Keep an eye out for our monthly theme. Our deadline is on the 15th of every month.
  • If your work is selected, you’ll need to sign our contributor’s agreement, which grants us permission to publish your work. If you’re under 18, we’ll also need a parent or guardian’s signature.
  • We’re not making money from the website (yet) and our contributors work on a volunteer basis. We’re bummed to let you know that we do not currently offer payments for submission works–so that’s also one of the things you’ll need to consider before submitting anything to us.

Due to the number of enquiries we receive each day, we can only respond to emails sent to that follow our editorial guidelines above.

Written works considered for publishing will go through an editorial process to help develop your piece—it doesn’t mean that your work is flimsy, we’re always super stoked reading your stuff, but we’d love to see you flesh out your characters a little bit more or add dimension to your story, etc.